Module Two | Women's Ministries Institute

Module 2

Morning: Foundations of our Faith with Shelly Kearns

This course surveys the foundational teachings of our Christian faith, as these have been articulated in the Bible. We will concentrate on four fundamental areas of theological truth: theology proper (that is, the study of God Himself); the Bible; The Trinity (that is, that our one God exists as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit); and our salvation.

This course seeks to be transformational, encouraging each student firstly, to understand how her theological beliefs guide her behaviour, and secondly, to cultivate, celebrate, and communicate her biblically shaped desire for God.

Shelly Kearns is passionate about God’s Word and has taught Old Testament Studies at Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, ON.  
As a young girl, Shelly spent summers in South America where her parents led short-term missions teams.  She and her husband Glen have also experienced a short term mission trip in Alaska and have spent several years in Kijabe, Kenya teaching at a Bible school there. Shelly is also an avid gardener. Shelly and her husband have 2 young daughters and reside in a little community called Ilderton outside of London, ON.

Afternoon: Serving Passionately with Candi Thorpe

Serving in the church and serving God with passion can be two completely different things. In this course the students will look at what it means to serve God with passion in the areas to which they have been called.

In this unit the students will examine their call to serve both individually and as part of a team, identify roadblocks to serving with passion, and develop strategies to overcome them.

Candi Thorpe has a passion to serve God wherever He calls her. Candi has served in a variety of ministries in the local church, including children's ministries, Bible studies, women's ministries and worship arts. It was through these ministry opportunities that God was preparing her for vocational ministry in the local church. 

Candi serves as the Director of Administration, Communication and Frontline Ministries at Calvary Burlington. There she has the privilege of sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to those in the church and community. Candi teaches from her own experiences as one who merely served before finally learning what it means to serve God with passion. 

Candi is married to Kevin; they have two kids – Jacob and Petra.